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Welcome! I'm Zabrina Cox, the owner of Zabrina Cox LLC, a doula, childbirth educator, mother, and your trusted guide on the remarkable path of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. As we embark on this sacred and transformative journey together, I wholeheartedly recognize the challenges you may encounter. Equally important, I am a former labor and delivery nurse dedicated to empowering birth and healthcare professionals, ensuring enhanced birthing experiences for all.

From Birth to Empowerment:
A Journey of Impactful & Transformational Change

While welcoming a little one into the world can bring profound love, joy, and purpose, new and expectant parents can face these common challenges from pregnancy to postpartum.
  • Information overload leaves expecting parents confused and uncertain.

  • The anticipation of childbirth can bring about fear and anxiety, impacting the overall birthing experience.

  • Many expecting parents feel unsupported during their birthing journey, leading to feelings of isolation and uncertainty.

  • Limited preparation and access to support leads to uncertainty and unpreparedness.

  • Ineffective communication with your birth team hinders collaborative and respectful birth experiences.

  • Past personal,  birth trauma or loss reveals unique pregnancy, birthing, and parenting challenges. 

  • The postpartum period brings unique transitions, including physical recovery, emotional adjustments, lactation learning curves, and infant bonding and care.

If you are reading this, You are not alone! Discover the invaluable support and guidance of a professional doula or childbirth educator, enhancing your birthing journey for a positive and empowered birth. Ready or not, Together, you’ve got this! 

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Calling birth and healthcare professionals! Seek growth, support, and confidence in assisting birthing families. Join the Evidence Based Birth® Workshop to enhance skills, gain knowledge, and earn CEU's. Personalized 1-1 mentorship available for guided growth and empowerment.

Hear What Parents Are Saying...

"Zabrina is an excellent doula. My labor and delivery was beautiful thanks to her."

-G.C., Birthing Person

Image by Mehrshad Rajabi

"The power of birth can be transformative. When we approach birth as a journey that we are both travelers and guides, we engage with the transformational potential of this life-changing event."

 "Transformed by Birth" by Britta Bushnell, PhD


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