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Kind Words

Step into a world of heartfelt stories and gentle transformations, and hear the feedback of parents and families who have walked alongside me as their doula, guide, and ally and also from other birth professionals that I have worked with.

G.C., Birthing Person

"Zabrina is an excellent doula. My labor and delivery was beautiful thanks to her."
"First time having a doula, and I recommend one to every pregnant mother! Doula's are a must have. Zabrina was awesome!"

V.C., Birthing Person

Local Midwife

"Zabrina is extremely supportive and professional. She is an excellent doula!"
"She's helpful; intuitive and appropriate! Thank you!"

Local Nurse

Z-Be the Change Van.png

Local Nurse

Very experienced and knowledgable. Flexible and adaptable and professional. Pleasure to work with.
Zabrina was an absolute blessing to have. Her dedication and commitment can be felt and was extremely appreciated. She pulled out all the techniques and aids during our labor and presented many options that were helpful and effective.

Birthing Person

E.M., Birthing Person

"Zabrina, you are an angel and a total rockstar doula. I can’t say enough amazing things about you and your support. You brought a calming yet powerful energy to my birth team and your guidance and expertise were evident in the care you provided both prenataly, during labor, and during postpartum. I appreciated your clear and prompt communication, all the resources you shared with me and my husband, and the obvious love you have for your role as a doula. Every time I had a question or needed a referral for another professional (massage therapist, chiropractor, etc), you helped to find me the support I needed. When it came time for our homebirth, you were there on the phone with me through every contraction until you arrived and held space for me to labor in a way that felt intuitive and natural. You struck the perfect balance between supporting me, providing suggestions to my partner, and letting me do my thing while in labor. Everyone should have a doula at their birth...and everyone should have a Zabrina in their corner!!!"

Doula Client, 2022

"Zabrina Cox hands down the best. I was introduced to her by my coworker and was honored to have her  be a part of two of three of our births. She is sooo amazing in helping us understand how support during childbirth can make a beautiful birthing experience. She was so informative in helping us prepare for  baby and what was to come approaching our due date. She is also very respectful in honoring our religious beliefs and made my husband and I feel soo incredibly comfortable. It’s amazing that she has watched our family grow and will be a part of our lives forever! We really enjoyed all of our prenatal visits and postpartum visits and I think the cherry on top of the cake was our meal that she provided the day we were released from the hospital it was so nice to come home to a healthy meal."
"Zabrina was an amazing doula from start to finish. I feel so blessed she was available to to help my family! She’s extremely attentive, knowledgeable, reliable and an all around wonderful person!"

Doula Client, 2021

Zabrina came highly recommended to us as a doula from a few different people. At first we were not sure if a doula was right for us however as first time parents we wanted to explore our options. From the first meeting with Zabrina, we knew we wanted to have a doula and would be lucky to have Zabrina with us for our first delivery. 
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Doula Client, 2023

"Having your support during my pregnancy and birth was invaluable. My only regret is that I didn't find you earlier in my pregnancy! You helped enable me to have the natural birth that I was hoping for and created such a supportive atmosphere at the hospital. I am very appreciative of all the time, resources and effort you put in to help me, my husband and baby girl get through the whole birth process with a positive experience. I couldn't thank you enough!!"
"Zabrina you were a life changer. From an awful experience I had at a hospital with my first your techniques, knowledge and kindness changed my perception of hospital births. I really felt like you listened and gave great advice. I am truly grateful and even my husband who was first skeptical of what a doula can do for a mom. He has definitely changed his mindset and truly believes that your kind of support brought great success to our birth. I am beyond excited to spread this amazing experience. I can't believe within the 5 hrs of birth my baby came put without a sign of distress."

Doula client Vicky A. 2021

"There was a possibility that Zabrina would be out of town around my due date so she had set up a meeting to meet her back up doula, Jess. I appreciated the coordination and proactive planning as it was one less thing to stress about. I ended up going into labor early and very quickly. Jess was able to meet us at the hospital for the actual delivery and Zabrina was there quickly after to offer support to myself, the baby and my husband."
"After the delivery, Zabrina checked on us a few times and also offered postpartum support. We are very thankful for the kindness Zabrina showed us and the knowledge she provided us during this special moment."

Doula Client, 2022

Tori Lynne Photography-45.jpg

Doula Client, 2021

We are incredibly grateful to have had your professional, compassionate care! Wouldn’t have changed a thing!
We had a few sessions with Zabrina prior to delivery where she offered a great deal of knowledge and helpful information, activities to build confidence and connection with my husband and answered many questions that I had. She also provided us with home made soup and lemonade.

Partner, 2023

"Zabrina, THANK YOU for the support that you provided before, during and after our birth. I'm so impressed how every time we see you we seem to get so much value from your knowledge, love, and demeanor. We were so naive at the beginning of this process and I really feel we've built so much comfort and confidence each visit we've spent with you. During labor, you really understood our birth preferences and comfort measures so as a partner, I could trust any suggestions you made for Chelsea and focus on my own role in the process. I've had some difficult moments being all on my own to help Chelsea through challenging moments and events. It was so crucial for me to have someone else helping me in a moment like this, which allowed me to be the best partner that I'm capable of being. I thought our birth would be the apex of your care, but I think the postpartum support you've provided has equaled or bettered what we received from you during labor even. You're a wealth of knowledge and you're such an incredible person with an amazing heart. I feel lucky to have you in our lives and you're not going to get rid of us easily now :)"
"Zabrina demystified my wife's pregnancy and the birthing process, taught us how to effectively advocate for ourselves and our son, and  directed us to the resources we needed to make necessary informed decisions. She was an absolute joy and I am so thankful we were able to share the birth of our first child with her."

Partner, 2022

"Zabrina is the absolute best for prenatal, birth and postpartum support. She gave such great advice when I had worries prenatally. All of her years of experience make her such a great doula. During my really long labor, she never lost hope in me and was able to keep my spirits up. When I felt like we had run out of options, she always had something new to try and I really appreciated that. She has a real maternal instinct and I love that about her. I was so grateful for her presence and words during my labor and for her support when plans had to change. Thank you Zabrina!"

Doula Client, 2022

"Zabrina is an exceptional doula who not only teaches a Lamaze childbirth class but goes beyond that. She is kind, empathetic, and she provides what the couple needs at all times. She helped me through a lot of anxiety during my c-section and after care. I am very grateful for having her."

Doula Client and Lamaze Class Student, 2022

Doula Client, 2023

"The second I met Zabrina I felt connected and safe with her. I knew even without ever going through  childbirth before that she was the exact support person we needed in that sacred and most special moment. I'll never forget how she showed up for us during  my baby girls birth, but Zabrina's support extends well beyond labor. She taught us about our options, our rights, and how to make informed decisions all throughout pregnancy. She so genuinely and lovingly took care of us postpartum- I'll never forget her excitement for us and her incredibly validating kind words of support. I am so impressed by zabrina's knowledge, extensive resume and work ethic but in the end her doing the humble tasks like doing a load of laundry, feeding me after the baby came, bringing us a meal and flowers postpartum were the most special and I'll never forget that!"
"Zabrina was amazing in making us feel welcomed and in a safe environment to be-able to express ourselves. She answered all our questions and gave us lots of information to help with our upcoming birth and the time after."

Lamaze Class Student, 2022

"I would highly recommend this course. As we have been preparing for our first child, there was much we knew we wanted to feel more prepared for in pregnancy, birth and after. This course was exactly that. The environment and course itself was exactly what we needed and Zabrina really made all the difference. We felt very comfortable with her and I loved how open and transparent she was. I am excited to welcome our new addition soon and I am feeling much more mentally and physically prepared."

Lamaze Class Participant, 2023

Birthing Person, 2022

"Zabrina is amazing! We were so grateful to have been recommended her as our doula from our midwife! We did not hesitate or even interview her when we heard about her, we just asked for her number, probably texted her and ask if she was available to be my doula, and when she said yes, we hired her on the spot! She was so fun, so kind, so outgoing, so funny, all our animals loved her, and so did we! We enjoyed taking her Lamaze class! We chose the one on one course in our home, and it was so fun! She was so amazing and generous, always brought us some snacks (that were plant based for us) and delicious homemade tea to sip on!  We loved how her course was on a slideshow that had easy to understand information! We also loved how she took her time going through it and we didn’t feel rushed if we had a lot of questions and were then not able to get as far on the slideshow that we had planned to that day! 

Hire this girl, you will Not regret it! She will be our doula for the rest of our births for sure! So thankful to have been able to learn all this from Zabrina, such a fun and memorable experience!"
Image by Kent Pilcher

These are just a few examples of the kind words I've received from my clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to provide doula services, childbirth education and support to expectant parents and families, and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on future birth experiences.

Photo Credit: Tori Lynne Photography

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