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Doula Support

Virtual/In-Person Packages & Rentals 

Additional prenatal and postpartum services can be added to any package

Prenatal visits are $50/hr with 10% doula client discount

Postpartum visits are $40/hr with minimum of 2 hours with 10%-20% doula discount (*Doula clients only)

+ An initial consultation

+ 3.5 Hours total prenatal appts before 37 weeks

+ Unlimited email, phone, or texting support

+ Continuous labor support

+ Up to 2 hours immediate postpartum recovery support

+ Up to 3 hours postpartum home visits

+ Postpartum Meal (*Local residents only)

+ Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs

+ Access to lending library

+ Custom Resources Page

+ Lamaze E-Book

+ Postpartum Workbook

+ Discounted Classes + Workshops only

+ Client Portal Access

+ Invite to Family Picnic in the Park (Client Reunion)

+ Custom tote bag full of fun & useful goodies!

**Package varies for Tricare/Cencal Members. Please book a discovery call for more information

Please note: Although I carry a CA Registered Nurse License, as a CAPPA Labor doula I DO NOT provide specific services. Labor Doulas do not diagnose medical conditions, perform clinical procedures, prescribe or administer treatment for medical conditions, make medical decisions for the birthing client, or direct families to act against medical advice. CAPPA does not train its certified professionals to prescribe, perform, or provide complementary/alternative therapies including, but not limited to, essential oils, placenta medicine, herbal treatments, etc. CAPPA professionals do not prescribe, perform, or provide alternative/complementary therapies as part of their role as a CAPPA certified professional. I am happy to make all the referrals needed!

"Birth is vast and multifaceted; radiant and mysterious. Birth contains multitudes, and through her we birth our multitudes. We give birth to our hopes and our fears, to our ecstasies and our agonies, to our joy and our disappointments. We give birth to our babies, each one perfect and radiant." - Kristina Turner

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Ready To Get Started?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery call with me. We'll go over how I can support you and what options are best for your unique situation.

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